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Let us help you maintain the Beauty & Integrity of your Multi-Unit Complex, Commercial Building, Parking Structures, Outdoor Structures and Home with our Professional Cleaning Services. Our Team is experienced with all material types, including Concrete, Brick, Stone, Asphalt, Steel, Wood, and Composite Surfaces including Trex Decking.

Pamper your Worn Deck!

Summer means being out on your deck. Its the ideal hang out when the weather gets hot. Whether it's BBQ with Friends, Family time or enjoying nature, your deck lets you have it all.

Your Deck adds curb appeal, Livability and Resale value to your Home!

Our Cleaning Service is ideal for outdoor Decks, Fences, Gazebos, Arbours, Furniture and More.

Commercial Concrete Cleaning

Curb appeal speaks volumes, and our service is designed to capitalize on the positive first impression and long term quality of your property. With services that fit your budget and superior cleaners & equipment, Blast Canada ensures that you Business and Property always look its best.....And will hold that Quality for the

Long Term.

Commercial Building & Multi-Unit Cleaning

Whether your are in charge of a Multi-Unit Property or Commercial Building now's the time to get your Complex bright, Shiny and beautiful for the new season. No matter the condition Blast Canada delivers new standards in exterior cleaning solutions. 

Graffiti Removal

When you leave graffiti sit on the exterior of your property, it gives the impression that you do not mind. By admitting that you are too busy to remove the graffiti, you invite more! Rival artists love to leave their mark on the work of rival artists. That is why you can expect graffiti tags to pile on top of one another, taking your graffiti vandalism from a minor annoyance to a Full-fledged Issue! 

Log Houses

Utilizing our Vapor Blasting System we are able refresh the wood surface to freshly cut Log look. This is done without Harmful Chemicals or Soda damaging your Tree's and Flowerbeds.

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