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Concrete Revitalization

As a Home Owner, Building Owner or Property Manager you know the exterior of your building is the first thing that people & Visitors will see. Believe it or not, appearance goes along way towards attracting potential customers, clients and increasing your Property Value.  That's why it is important to plan for yearly Concrete Cleaning.

The Value of Property Maintenance!

Curb appeal speaks volumes, and our service is designed to capitalize on the positive first impression and long term quality of your property. With services that fit your budget and superior cleaners & equipment, Blast Canada ensures that you Business and Property always look its best.....And will hold that Quality for the 

Long Term.

Eco-Friendly/Green Blasting

One of the most cost effective cleaning solutions we have to clean off even the worst stain is our Vapor Blasting System. it does not use any harsh chemicals. It will not damage the surface of the concrete, bricks, cinder blocks or stone.

Vapor Blasting  Alternative

Vapor Blasting is an innovative technology that "softly" cleans any surface. We can remove any paints, stains including Graffiti off of your brick or stone walls without any damage to the Mortar.    

Commercial Concrete Cleaning

A Safe and Attractive Business Exterior is as easy as Clean Concrete! Our Specialized Vapor Blasting and PSI Pressure Washing concrete cleaning process for commercial surfaces is the ideal way to keep your place of business looking clean, fresh and inviting while also helping to minimize the risk of "slip & Fall" Accidents. 

Asphalt & Mortar Removal

Bridge Blasting and Cleaning

Utilizing our Vapor Blasting Service we are able to blast your Bridge work without having to restrict access to other trades or traffic. This will allow other trades to work on the structure at the same time. 

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