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Log Home Revitalization

Restoring the Natural Beauty from years of Harsh Exposure. We blast all surfaces; Logs, Siding and Trim to bare wood, removing all Weathering, Mold, ​Mildew, and Old Paints & Stains.

Weathered Log Home

No matter how long it has been sitting unprotected in the Harsh Climate we can restore it back to its original New Log look.

Vapor Blasting the Weathered Logs

Utilizing our Vapor Blasting System we are able refresh the wood surface to freshly cut Log look. This is done without Harmful Chemicals or Soda damaging your Tree's and Flowerbeds.

Refreshed and Ready for Staining

Once we are finished Vapor Blasting and removing all of the Weathered Stains,  it is now ready to be stained to your personal touch. 

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