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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti removal is one of the best ways to protect your Multi-Unit Complex, Commercial Building and Business's appearance and curb appeal. This is because graffiti is more than just a cosmetic issue. A property with graffiti gives the impression that the business could be abandoned, failing or neglected which makes potential customers and buyers doubt the legitimacy of the services offered or the property value.

The Wrong way to stand out!

When you leave graffiti sit on the exterior of your property, it gives the impression that you do not mind. By admitting that you are too busy to remove the graffiti, you invite more! Rival artists love to leave their mark on the work of rival artists. That is why you can expect graffiti tags to pile on top of one another, taking your graffiti vandalism from a minor annoyance to a Full-fledged Issue! 

When Quick Removal is Needed!

We are abreast of the need for quick removal without compromising service or quality when the nature of the Graffiti is Offensive. Our quick response is geared towards the removal of abusive or offensive graffiti, this will cut down on the possible embarrassment and public damage to your Company. 

The right Graffiti Removal Solutions

At Blast Canada we use a combination of Vapor Blasting and PSI High Pressure Power Washing to eliminate graffiti in an environmentally friendly way. Whether you have a single brick/concrete wall, large parking structure or an entire building that needs graffiti removal service; we have the equipment and manpower to successfully complete the job. 

Example of How Effective Our System Works

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