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Industrial Solutions - Safe for any Surface!

Vapor (Dustless) Blasting is an excellent surface preparation tool for metal surfaces, paint stripping, and cleaning. It provides a clean unharmed surface without creating a dust plume in the process. Utilizing Vapor Blasting allows for other trades to work in the same vicinity Safely. 

Using Vapor Blasting Blast Canada can work in every aspect of bridge renovations & upkeep as well as numerous other structures. Our Workers, Other Trades and the public are not exposed to the harmful dust plume generated by Dry Blasting. There is also no need to shut down traffic while we are blasting!

One of the Safest way to Blast in a plant!

 Our Vapor Blasting equipment (System) has ATEX approval for use in area classification Zone 1 and Zone 2. This means the system is approved to operate in an explosive atmosphere consisting of a mixture of flammable substances taht can form occasionally in normal operations. The  ATEX system is classified as non-electrical. 

92% Dust Free

The use of silica product in abrasive blasting has increasingly become more of a safety risk for construction workers. One way Blast Canada is protecting our workers is by switching to "Vapor abrasive" blasting.

Some Benefits of Vapor Blasting!

Vapor (Dustless) Blasting is the perfect solution for blasting within refineries, chemical plants and even on live pipelines. Vapor Blasting suppresses the dust plume and static electricity making it far safer than traditional dry blasting. We are able to utilize all types of blast media, plus we are able to add rust inhibitors protecting the blast for up to 72 hours.   

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