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Brick and ​Stone Revitalization

At Blast Canada we take extra special care to always use the proper solutions & methods required to Clean and Restore your Commercial or Multi-unit Brick & Stone Building's.   

Is it Time to Refresh your Property.

The summer season makes for the perfect time to show off your property. At Blast Canada we can remove any existing paint or stain and restore the look of your property. 

No Damage to Property, Restore it to New!​

Brick and Stone are porous and can be delicate, treating it roughly can cause damage to the surface or to the Mortar causing future problems. Our Vapor Blasting & Eco-Friendly PSI Pressure Washing solutions can  completely remove any existing paint including Graffiti without damaging the surface.

Commercial Building & Multi-Unit Cleaning

Whether your are in charge of a Multi-Unit Property or Commercial Building now's the time to get your Complex bright, Shiny and beautiful for the new season. No matter the condition Blast Canada delivers new standards in exterior cleaning solutions. 


Our Multi-step Process utilizing Vapor Blasting and PSI High Pressure Washing will not harm any vegetation during the Cleaning Process. Even while removing the toughest Rust stains.

Restoring the surface of your Stone building.

Vapor blasting is rapidly becoming the number one choice for applications requiring the highest quality of surface finish without damaging the Stone Face.

Home Soft Wash Combination

Cleaning your home is Essential to maintaining it's Curb appeal and Resale value. Our Soft Wash process consisting of a Deep Cleaning of the Brick/Stone utilizing the Vapor Blasting process & the Soft Wash for the Siding will refresh the look of your home. 

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